Executive and Board Members

The following are the members of the Executive for the 2022-2023 season, who work tirelessly to ensure the smooth functioning of the Society. If you would like to contact any of them, please email us at info [at] lordreading [dot] org and we will be happy to forward your email to them.

Jonathan Gordon – President (may be reached directly at president [at] lordreading [dot] org)
Robert Steinman – First Vice-President and Programme Chair
Erin Lesser – Second Vice-President and CLE Certification Chair
Anna Bronshteyn – Recording Secretary
Matthew Shadley – Treasurer
William Malkinson & Robert Rapp – Liaisons, Chambre des Notaires
Hershie Frankel – Membership Chair
Allen Mendelsohn – Communications
Justice Carol Cohen – Liaison – Bench
Ryan Sanft – Liaison – Bar
Frank Schlesinger (Chair) and Jeffrey Boro (Vice-chair)- Human Rights
Elliot Lifson – Liaison – Industry
Anna Bronshteyn, Evara David, Elissa Brock, Stephanie Perlis, Erin Lesser – Liaisons – Young Bar
David R. Franklin – International Relations
Neil Hazan – Archives
Lara Malewski – Event Planning
Doree Levine – Immediate Past President
Morris Chaikelson – Executive Director

The following are the members of the Board of Directors for the 2022-2023 season:

David Assor
Gregory Azancot
Michael Bergman
Ryan Blumenthal
Jeffrey Boro
Elissa Brock
Anna Bronshteyn
Carol Cohen
Chantale Dallaire
Evara David
David Ettedgui
Jonathan (Yoni) Feingold
Lauren Flam
Jonathan Foldiak
David Franklin
Hershel Frankel
Aviad Grunbaum
Neil Hazan
Marie Christine Kirouack
Emma Lambert
Marissa Lydynia
Eric Maldoff
Lara Malewski
William Malkinson
Allen Mendelsohn
Donald Michelin
Heather Michelin
Morton Minc
Jonathan Nuss
Robert Pancer
Stephanie Perlis
Robert Rapp
Ryan Sanft
Frank Schlesinger
Julie Schlesinger
Matthew Shadley
Ian Solloway
Alan Stein
Reisa Teitelbaum
Laurence Vaillancourt
Alyssa Yufe