A few of the highlights of the Society and the Jewish legal community over the years…

1948… The Society is founded

1950… Harry Batshaw is the first Jew to be appointed a Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec

1960… Michael Franklin is appointed the first Jewish Senior Crown Prosecutor in Quebec

1965… The Society holds its first golf tournament, and is deemed a huge success!

1969… Phillip F. Vineberg is elected the first Jewish Bâttonier of the Bar of Montreal

1973… Fred Kaufman is the first Jewish Justice appointed to the Quebec Court of Appeals

1990… Sylviane Borenstein is elected the first woman and Jewish Bâttonière of the Barreau du Québec. In 1994, she would become the first Jewish woman appointed a judge in Quebec, to the Superior Court

For a more detailed timeline, please see  the 50th Anniversary booklet.