Created in 2006 as a means of providing support and encouragement to the LRLS members, the Career Advancement Committee is the single point of contact for employers, employees and those seeking career advice. All contact is strictly confidential. The service is free, but successful candidates and employers are asked to consider making a contribution to the LRLS advertising fund. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like help finding a job or stage, please email us. We will endeavour to respond to you in the briefest possible delay, but we ask that you please keep in mind that the Committee is staffed by volunteer lawyers with their own time constraints. We will do our best to assist you, but we are not a full-time placement agency.

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Collaboration with the AEJD of Université de Montréal

In the hopes of connecting Law Students with practices seeking to hire students on a full and/or part-time basis, the Association dees Etudiants en Droit (AEJD) is happy to collaborate with the Lord Reading Law Society’s Career Development Committee in the creation of a joint project.

Firms or lawyers seeking to hire students can now contact the AEJD directly at The AEJD will be in touch with you regarding the specifics of your needs and then reach out to students in order to fill the positions. Please note that the AEJD will not be doing any vetting of the candidates, but will simply act as a middleman between students and potential employers.

Thank you,
the Society and the AEJD