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Please note that your membership will be valid from September 2022 through August 2023. Please note that Junior members (who pay $60 for membership) are considered less than 5 years at the Barreau. Furthermore, the traditional Exempt categories (75 years or older, judges, etc.) are in effect, please see more information below and choose “Exempt” from the Membership type if you fall into that category, and you will pay no fees, but we ask that you fill out the form so we have your current information.

If you have any problems using this form, or if you are a student at law school who wishes to join, please email info[at]lordreading[dot]org.

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Enter the membership information and click the “Add Member” button after entering the information. You will than have the option of adding additional members if your are signing up more than one member.

Please note that Junior Members are those that have been admitted to the Barreau or Chambre des notaires in the last five years. Exempt Members include judges and retired judges; lawyers and notaries in practice 50 years or more or who have attained the age of 75; first-year lawyers and notaries; and stagiaires.




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