NEWSLETTER – September 2016

Larry Markowitz, President
Allen Mendelsohn and Doree Levine, Editor(s)

President’s Message

Larry Markowitz

Dear Colleagues and Honourable Judges,

As I compose this message in late August, I am in Nuremberg, Germany, en route to Munich, where I will be attending an international lawyers’ conference.

Readers of this Lord Reading Law Society newsletter will no doubt be familiar with the dual connotation of the word “Nuremberg” – what our recent human rights gala honouree Irwin Cotler has termed the “Double Entendre of Nuremberg – the Nuremberg of Hate and the Nuremberg of Judgement”. Indeed, today we find ourselves at the juncture of the 80th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Race Laws and the 70th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials.

The Nuremberg court relied on “Natural Law” – the basic human principle that some acts are inherently wrong and when the harm that has been perpetrated is great, the person committing the offense must be punished. “Nuremberg Principles” are now applied around the world in an effort to prosecute crimes against the peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

The Nuremberg Trials created the precedents that have so dramatically revolutionized the international legal landscape. There is much about international human rights law today that we take for granted: tribunals for places such as the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda; terms like ‘genocide’ and ‘crimes against humanity’. It all started here.

It is fitting that I find myself at the scene of one of the most famous courtroom dramas in modern times as I embark on the presidency of Canada’s most prominent Jewish law society – a society that was founded to seek justice and to promote the very principles of human rights espoused by the Nuremberg Trials.

As my presidency begins, I am reminded that the principle that “justice must prevail” has been an overarching theme of our Society throughout its 68 years of existence.  During the coming year, I intend to encourage activities – be they dinners or endeavours under the aegis of our Human Rights Committee – that emphasize the rule of law and promote human rights in the spirit of the Nuremberg Principles. As Professor Cotler has written, “The double entendre of Nuremberg — of Nuremberg racism and the Nuremberg Principles — must be part of our learning as it is part of our legacy.”

And no speaker is more connected to the rule of law than a Justice of the Supreme Court!  Fittingly, our season-opening dinner on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 – the Society’s annual Alan B. Gold Advocacy Lecture – will feature “A Conversation with Mr. Justice Michael J. Moldaver of the Supreme Court of Canada”.  Justice Moldaver will be interviewed on stage by noted legal scholar Professor Adam Dodek of the University of Ottawa. I strongly encouraged you to attend. This discussion will be of interest both to Supreme Court aficionados, as well as to those who simply wish to eavesdrop on a fascinating conversation between two engaging jurists. You can register for dinner using the links on the left of this page. Thank you to Davies for their generous sponsorship of the evening.

Also, please mark your calendars for November 3rd. On that date, we will be presenting a prominent speaker from Israel under the theme of “Start-up Nation”. Our dinner will be the culmination of a two-day seminar being organized by McGill University’s Faculty of Law in conjunction with the Consulate General of Israel in Montreal and the Lord Reading Law Society. Stay tuned for further details.

Finally, on a more prosaic note, you should have received the notice to renew your annual membership in the Lord Reading Law Society. I encourage you to pay your membership dues, as we count on those funds to help contribute to the health of the Society, and to support the continuing program of outstanding speakers the Society has established. You can pay your membership online here or alternatively, you may download the membership form here.

I look forward to seeing all of you on September 14th, as we continue the Society’s tradition of hosting engaging speakers at dinners where the unique Lord Reading spirit of camaraderie prevails!

Larry Markowitz

Our Gala Tribute to Irwin Cotler – A Media Roundup

Allen Mendelsohn

Our very special gala tribute to Irwin Cotler on May 25th was an incredible success by any measure. Rather than give you my own amateur journalist thoughts on the evening, I am pleased to be able to refer you to to all the professionals who covered the event.l

CTV News

The National Post

The Canadian Jewish News

The Suburban

The Westmount Independent

The Lord Reading Photo Gallery on Facebook

We encourage you to continue the goodwill of the gala by supporting Irwin’s new organization, the Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights. A very special thank you to all the Lord Reading volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the event’s success.

The Society Joins Social Media!

Allen Mendelsohn

The Lord Reading Law Society has come a long way in our communications. I can still recall when our newsletter went out by fax! We are always looking for new ways to reach out to our audience, and becoming active on social media was the logical next step. Special shout out to new President Larry Markowitz for helping to spearhead this new initiative. You can now find us on:




We encourage you to like us or follow us or whatever it is the kids call it. Another great way to keep up with all the goings on of the Society. We are also looking for volunteers to help manage the accounts, please email me if you’d like to help out.

The Society Young Bar Cocktail a Smashing Success

Allen Mendelsohn

The Lord Reading Law Society held its annual Young Bar Cocktail on Thursday, June 9, 2016, at Hôtel Le Crystal. The event was a huge success, with record attendance. You can see a photo gallery of the evening on our Facebook page.

Thanks to our Young Bar Committee co-chairs Marissa Lydynia and Andrew Kliger for organizing the event and to sponsor Richter for their ongoing generous support of Lord Reading.

Society Humour

News from the Mishpuchah

Mazel Tov

  • To honorary lifetime member of the Society Madam Justice Rosalie Abella, on being conferred an honorary Doctor of Laws from Yale. She is the first Canadian woman and only the fourth Canadian to be so honoured.
  • To the following members of the mishpuchah who have reached the milestones honoured by the Barreau for their years of admission: Executive Director Morris Chaikelson celebrating 60 years; and Past Presidents Max Mendelsohn, Ad. E. and L. Michael Blumenstein, and Seymour Luterman, Leonard W. Flanz, Jack R. Miller, Jacob H. Woloshen, Bernard K. Schneider and Simon Richter celebrating 50 years.
  • To Society member Danny J. Kaufer on being awarded the distinction of Avocat émérite (Ad. E.) from the Barreau.
  • To Society Past President Ian M. Solloway on being awarded the D’Arcy McGee National Assembly Citizenship Medal earlier this summer.
  • To Society Board Member Elliot Lifson on being granted an Honorary Life Membership Award from McGill University.

Please Support

  • The entire Michelin family is a cherished part of the Lord Reading mishpuchah. Please support Janet Michelin as she rides in the Juritour in memory of her brothers Steve and Rob.


  • To Society Past President Ted Goloff on the loss of his beloved wife Donna
  • To the family of past Society member Teddy Polisuk